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The beads of this bracelet tell the story of Jesus's life through its pivotal moments. One night, a bright Star (little star) appeared in the skies to guide the three Magi (3 transparent crystal beads) to worship the Son of God. They embarked on a long journey to offer Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh (3 crystal colored beads) to the newborn Jesus (pearl). Years later, when he grew up, Christ first became a carpenter (wood bead), then a fisher of souls (fish). Flanked by the 12 apostles (12 light blue crystal beads), he preached the Word of God (transparent crystal bead). But in a day of hate, envy, and treason (3 black beads) he was crucified (the cross). His blood (red bead) and tears (white drops) purified and saved humanity from sin (transparent crystal bead). And after he ascended into heaven, he joined the Father and the Holy Spirit (3 blue beads). Always remember that he did all this out of His great Love (heart) for us.

At your request, we will bring the Christian bracelet to receive the Blessing from Pope Francis. Request it in the shopping cart.

Materials: Metal
Beads: 6 mm
Length: 16/20 cm
Beads: Resin
Cross: 15 mm

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