An Angel appeared to a couple that was getting elderly, Anna and Joachim (brown and pale pink beads), to announce them the arrival of the child they have long awaited (golden bead). They called her Mary, which means "Beloved of God"(pink bead). At the age of 14, Mary married Joseph, a carpenter from Nazareth (wooden bead). Soon after, she received a message from an Angel announcing that she would become the mother of God's son (pearl bead). Because of Herod's persecution, the Sacred Family fled to Egypt (onyx bead) shortly before Jesus' birth. A few years later, we meet Mary at the Wedding at Cana, where Jesus accomplishes his first miracle, as he turns water into wine (transparent and red beads). Historically, very little is known about Mary, but we know for sure that she led a life of poverty, work, love, and devotion (4 colored beads). In a day of hatred, envy, and betrayal (three black beads), she saw her son dying on the cross (cross). After the Ascension of Jesus, Mary gathered with his disciples expecting the Holy Spirit. And when the time came, she ascended to heaven (medal), like her son. Mary left us plenty of messages, in places such as Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorje (3 medals). The Life of Mary bracelet is crafted from the following materials: silver, freshwater pearls, olive wood, hematite, crystals, and tiger's eye.

At your request, we will bring the Catholic bracelet to receive the Blessing from Pope Francis. Request it in the shopping cart.

Materials: Sterling Silver
Beads: 6 mm
Length: 16/20 cm
Medal: 7/11 mm
Beads: Crystal
Cross: 13 mm

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