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10 amazing facts about the rosary

10 amazing facts about the Rosary

Now that we've learned how to pray the Rosary and why we need to pray it now, more than ever, let's take this one step further. Here, the 10 amazing facts about the Rosary you might not know, that will unveil the real power of this prayer.

An everlasting image

As one of the most popular religious items, the Rosary is a timeless aid to contemplation that marks the rhythm of human life on a beaded rope. To have visual examples of its historical and spiritual relevance, we may think of a small detail of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment, art masterpiece of all time. The frescoes depicting vivid and inspiring scenes on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling  combine the horror of damnation with the joy of eternal salvation. Amid the damned and the saved souls, we easily discern a figure of an angel who is pulling up two saved souls. This angel is using a beaded rope to pull them up. This everlasting representation clearly highlights the power of the Rosary as a lifeline for salvation.

Revitalizing the Rosary’s message

Words as “salvation” or “damnation” may be hard to understand nowadays, hence the need for finding new ways of conveying Rosary’s message and revitalizing it for the future generations. We've put together this infographic to serve the purpose of spreading both unusual curiosities and basic fact about the Rosary and its history. We hope you will enjoy it!



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