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Pope Salute the crowd in St Peter Square

How to get Rosaries Blessed by the Pope

Rosary beads are priceless religious items that represent a real treasure for a Catholic. They are a powerful instrument of faith and have great spiritual value. Yet, we may even increase our Rosary value by getting it blessed by the Pope. Let’s see, then, how to get Rosaries blessed by the Pope.

Sunny day St Peter Square in Rome

The Free Blessing Service by Savelli Religious

Savelli Religious is a historically well-known religious store in Vatican City, located right in front of St. Peter Square. Customers that visit the physical store every day, as well as those who shop online, may request a free blessing service for the special religious items they have just purchased. This service allows everyone, especially those who live very far away from the Vatican, to easily obtain an item blessed by the Holy Father.

How does it work

The Blessing that Savelli Religious provides to its customers is not the Apostolic Blessing. This last one, also known as Papal Blessing, is a blessing imparted by the Pope, either directly or by delegation through others, to those who require it. It is not free of charge, and faithful can obtain it for special occasions.

Savelli’s Blessing is free of charge service that has a profound symbolic value: We take the purchased religious articles to St. Peter’s Square twice a week, in order to receive the Blessing that Pope Francis imparts to all attendees at his weekly audiences. As a keepsake, a parchment with the Blessing date accompanies the purchased item.

How to request the Blessing

The very first step of the process is to choose the Rosary beads or any other religious article you want to purchase. At the check-out, tick off the “Blessing” option in "Shipping Method & Blessing" section and fill in the dedicated field with the name of the person or family to which you’d like to address the blessing.

Otherwise, you can request the Blessing by writing an email with the number of your order at

Please note that, in addition to the standard delivery time, requesting the Blessing could require 2 to 4 additional days before the actual order fulfillment.


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