Savelli Mosaics Gallery is part of the Savelli Art and Tradition company established at the Vatican in 1898. The Gallery opened as a result of decades of art collecting and specializes in mosaic and classic artworks manufacture and sale. With an exclusive network of trusted and highly experienced artists at our disposal, we are able to accommodate even the most sophisticated tastes and complex projects. Choose from our curated selection of the available mosaics or commission a masterwork tailored to your specific needs.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Ars Antiqua Collection

 Savelli's private collection counts more than a hundred 18th and 19th-century Roman micromosaics. It is in fact the largest private collection of micromosaics in the world, second only to that of Queen Elizabeth II. Some of the mosaics are permanently exhibited at the Vatican Museums. Others were put on display at the Napoleonic Museum of Rome in 2016 as part of the «Minute Visioni» project dedicated to the art of micromosaics.

Maria Grazia Branchetti, expert at art history and micromosaics, devoted an entire book to the Ars Antiqua private collection. The monography is available for purchase online.

Gallery Specialties: Subjects and Techniques

At the Savelli Mosaic Gallery, you’ll find a selection of mosaic replicas of world-famous masterpieces, Grand Tour favorite subjects, and some of the most revered works of sacred art.

Besides the marble cubes and vitreous enamel techniques, our mosaic makers excel in the 18th-century Roman technique of micromosaic, capable of authentic artistic marvels.

If you have a specific project in mind, we invite you to contact our expert at the bottom of this page. When you submit your request for evaluation, please specify the dimensions of your custom mosaic, the setting it is thought for, and the subject or artworks you wish to recreate.

Our Clients and Projects

For decades, many international fine art lovers and collectors — including internationally renowned personalities and royalties — have trusted our expertise and guidance. 

A few large projects we’ve worked on lately include two 39-inches lunettes commissioned for an African Church, and a triptych featuring three Gustav Klimt masterpieces, created for an American investor.

Purchasing an original Savelli Mosaic agreement

You can choose a mosaic from our selection of available Mosaics onlineIf you wish to commission a custom mosaic tailored to your specific needs, please fill in the custom mosaic formThe time to complete the commission piece depends on the complexity of the work and it will be agreed at the beginning of the project.

Every Savelli Mosaic features a Certificate of Authenticity.


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