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The Art of Mosaic

The Savelli Mosaics Gallery is part of our Savelli Arte e Tradizione company, which was established at the Vatican in 1898. We opened the Gallery as a result of decades of art collecting, specializing in mosaic and classic artworks manufacture and sale. Our gallery provides a selection of mosaic replicas of world-famous masterpieces, Grand Tour favorite subjects, and some of the most revered works of sacred art.

Besides the marble cubes and vitreous enamel techniques, our mosaic makers excel in the 18th-century Roman technique of micromosaic, capable of authentic artistic marvels. If you have a specific project in mind, we invite you to contact our expert at the bottom of this page. When you submit your request for evaluation, please specify the dimensions of your custom mosaic, the setting it is thought for, and the subject or artworks you wish to recreate.

Our Private Collection: ARS ANTIQUA

The largest private collection of micromosaics

in the world, second only to that of Queen Elizabeth II. Some are permanently exhibited at the Vatican Museums. Others were put

on display at the Napoleonic Museum of Rome in 2016 as part of the «Minute Visioni» project dedicated to the art of micromosaics. Maria Grazia Branchetti, expert at art history and micromosaics, devoted an entire monography to the Ars Antiqua private collection.

Our Techniques

Spun Enamel Micromosaic

Roman micromosaic involves the meticulous arrangement of minuscule tesserae, some measuring less than a millimeter in width, crafted from vitreous enamel. When exposed to heat, the enamel undergoes a transformative melting process: once liquefied, artisans can shape it into fine threads, which are then cut to form the tesserae.This technique emerged in Rome during the latter half of the 18th century. For generations, the art of micromosaic has been closely guarded by a select group of craftsmen.

Cut Mosaic

The cut mosaic (or traditional mosaic) technique has very antique origins which date back to the Assyrians-Babylonians. It was developed with the Romans and later with the Byzantines, and it has reached our present time while still using the same tools and the same materials, which are essentially, marbles and enamels.

A mosaic composition is the result of the matching of "tesserae" of various colours, obtained by means of a cut made by special instruments, hence the definition of "cut mosaic"

Inlay Mosaic

The inlay technique is a type of artistic workmanship achieved by interlocking. Its peculiarity lies in the uniqueness of the shapes and geometries, and in the singularity of the individual elements that come from the finest quality materials. Each inlay is a work performed by skilled hands, capable of creating true works of art.

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A masterwork tailored to your SPECIFIC NEEDS.

With an exclusive network of trusted and highly experienced artists at our disposal, we are able to accommodate even the most sophisticated tastes and complex projects. If you wish to commission a custom mosaic, please fill in the custom mosaic form.