Ever since its opening in 1898, Savelli has been committed to nurturing the faith of pilgrims coming to the Holy See through a wide range of religious items. Located just in front of St. Peter’s Square, it became one of the most historically important religious stores of Vatican City. In order to make your purchase experience even more unique, Savelli offers you a free blessing service. At your request, we can take the religious articles to receive the blessing from the Holy Father. As a keepsake, a parchment with the blessing date will accompany the purchased article. This way Savelli wishes to enable everyone, even those who live far away, to obtain an item blessed by our beloved Pope.


In your shopping cart, select the the «Add blessing» option and follow the instructions that appear right away with the name of the person or family to which you’d like to address the blessing. Bear in mind that:

- You can request only one blessing per each purchased item

- Only one name or family name is allowed per blessing;

- We don't proofread our customers' requests, so please make sure you checked the correctness of your blessing request before placing your order. 

The blessing service is free of charge. However, in addition to standard delivery time it could require 2-4 additional days for your order to be shipped.