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Our Vision

Since 1898, Savelli is committed to perfecting the joy of believing and the art of giving.  We want to create a bridge between the worldwide faithfuls and the Vatican, and allow everyone to get a religious item blessed by the Pope.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the highest quality religious articles and works of art to our clients, while promoting Italian craftsmanship and tradition worldwide.

Our Values

We wholeheartedly believe every client deserves to receive personalized assistance.

Customer focus
Our primary goal is to prevent or to solve any issue that might emerge.

We offer classic Vatican gifts and collectible artworks, all the while staying on top of the latest market trends to offer to our customers the widest possible range of prime quality articles.

Since our foundation, we’re dedicated to supporting and nourishing our customer’s spirituality.

We take enormous pride in the craftsmanship of our artisans and artists and in the quality of the religious articles and artworks we sell in our stores and online.

Since 1898, we specialize in Vatican memorabilia and jewelry, mosaics, and works of art.

Savelli Group

Since its creation in 1898, the Savelli Group has continually evolved, ultimately becoming a leading presence at the Vatican and on the mosaic market.

The Savelli Group companies

Savelli Art and Tradition
Via Paolo VI
The store hosts an extensive selection of the best Vatican gifts and jewelry, partly available for purchase online onSavelli Religious website.

Savelli Mosaic Gallery
Via Paolo VI
It is the company’s flagship, specializing in mosaic and neoclassical art manufacturing and sale.

Traditional Food Co
Piazza del Sant'Ufficio
It is the company's official self service restaurant.

St Peter Sweets
Via di Santa Maria alle Fornaci
It is our four Boutique Apartments, just a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Square and the historic center.

Art and Tradition Tours
Via Paolo VI
Vatican City & Rome tour agency offering exclusive tours with local guides.  Visit the Art and Tradition Tours website for more information.

Savelli Church
It is our online wholesale area, dedicated to ecclesiastical institutions and retailes.