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Each piece of Savelli narrates A TALE OF BELIEF

Power against darkness:

Crafted with

Mastery and passion infused: each piece is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship.

Catholic Stories

How to Ask God for a Miracle

How to ask God for a miracle

In times of deep despair or profound need, whether it is a health crisis, a financial hardship or a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, the desire for divine intervention is a natural...

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Pope Francis opening Holy Door, 2015

Jubilee 2025: everything you need to know

Every 25 years, a worldwide event takes place in the Catholic communities: the Jubilee. This extraordinary occasion calls believers around the world to a pilgrimage to Rome, facilitated by the...

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Prayer to protect home from evil

Prayer to protect home from evil

For many of us, home is a safe place where we find refuge from the chaos of the world, a place of comfort and security. It is commonplace to take...

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The entangled radiance

The eternal essence of the Christian family comes to life through our precious products. Together, embrace the core family values and make their timeless beauty tangible.