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Pope Francis opening Holy Door, 2015

Jubilee 2025: everything you need to know

Every 25 years, a worldwide event takes place in the Catholic communities: the Jubilee. This extraordinary occasion calls believers around the world to a pilgrimage to Rome, facilitated by the Catholic Church, which offers the opportunity to impart plenary indulgence that grants forgiveness of sins, both for themselves and for deceased loved ones.
In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about
Jubilee 2025, Pilgrims of Hope celebration, from its profound significance to the events that promise to make it an unforgettable experience.

Jubilee 2025, Pilgrims of Hope

The theme of Jubilee 2025 embodies a universal message of hope, representing a genuine invitation to unite in the pursuit of a full and meaningful life based on the values of solidarity and brotherhood.
The decision to center the upcoming Holy Year on the theme of Hope is a tangible sign of the Catholic Church's desire to inspire confidence and optimism in people, especially young people. The motto "Pilgrims of Hope" recalls the idea of a spiritual journey toward a bright and promising future, inviting everyone, young and old, believers and non-believers, to join in this journey of hope and building a better world.
The invitation to young people to actively participate in the Jubilee is a gesture of confidence in their ability to be agents of positive change in society. Pope Francis, with this call, wants to encourage young people to make the cause of hope their own and to engage fervently in promoting values of solidarity, justice and brotherhood.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, ph Daniel Ibanez/CNA

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, ph Daniel Ibanez/CNA

These values are perfectly represented in the logo of this Holy Year 2025: the four stylized figures embracing each other symbolize all of humanity, united in faith and hope in Christ. The central figure, also holding tightly to the cross, represents the core around which the other figures are united, symbolizing the centrality of the Christian faith in the pursuit of hope and fraternity among human beings.

The image of the figures embracing each other reflects the idea of solidarity and unity among peoples, regardless of cultural, social or geographical differences. It is a reminder of the need to overcome barriers and divisions in order to build a more just and fraternal world in which everyone is called to care for others and walk together toward a better future.

Jubilee 2025: Opening of Holy Doors

The Jubilee Year is scheduled to begin on December 24, 2024, at 4:30 p.m., with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica. In the days to follow, the Holy Doors of Rome's major basilicas will also be opened by the Pope: that of St. Paul Outside the Walls, St. John Lateran and St. Mary Major. 
The entire calendar of Jubilee activities that will follow the aperture of the Holy Door will be available on the Jubilee 2025 website

Pope Francis inaugurates the Jubilee of Mercy in 2015
Pope Francis inaugurates the Jubilee of Mercy in 2015

Rome Pilgrimage: the Jubilee Itineraries

The Jubilee year is a period very rich in cultural events such as concerts and exhibitions, but especially in religious celebrations and rituals. Among these practices, the most characteristic is represented by the pilgrimages, which in the case of the Jubilee of the Catholic Church corresponds to the itineraries within the city of Rome.
Those promoted by the Vatican are four, and promise a truly unique experience:

Papal Basilicas itinerary: the four Papal Basilicas situated in Rome include St. Peter’s in the Vatican, St. John Lateran, Saint Mary Major, and St. Paul Outside the Walls. These are considered the primary churches where the Pope will inaugurate the Holy Doors, which will remain open for the duration of the Jubilee year.

The Seven Churches Pilgrimage: the 'Seven Churches' pilgrimage, initiated by St. Philip Neri during the 16th century, stands as one of Rome's ancient customs. This pilgrimage entails a roughly 25 km journey, winding through the entirety of the city, extending to the Roman countryside and the catacombs. It includes the four Papal Basilicas itinerary and adds other Churches of magnificent beauty: the basilica of St. Lawrence outside the wall, the basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, and the basilica of St. Sebastian outside the wall.

Iter Europaeum: The European Union Churches' itinerary, known as 'Iter Europaeum' in Latin, encompasses visits to 28 churches and basilicas. Each church along this pilgrimage route is associated with a member state of the EU, either due to artistic or cultural significance or because of the church's historical tradition of receiving pilgrims from a particular EU member state. 

Patronesses of Europe and Doctors of the Church itinerary: this pilgrimage allows pilgrims and tourists to learn more about European female saints, particularly those recognized by the Church as Patronesses of Europe and Doctors of the Church. An itinerary that explores the lives of some of the most emblematic female figures of Catholicism and allows tourists to explore Rome among the alleys of the Rione Monti, Piazza della Minerva and much more.

The entire Jubilee year is a truly extraordinary event that can make the experience of traveling to Rome and the Vatican even more relevant. Having the opportunity to attend the weekly Papal audience and receive the blessing given by the Pope in 2025 makes it an experience worth remembering. Pilgrims who embark on this journey of faith to Rome and the Vatican find inspiration in the rich history and traditions that permeate the Eternal City during this special time.

For those seeking tangible reminders of their pilgrimage and the blessings of the Jubilee year, we invite you to visit Savelli Religious, our physical store in the heart of St. Peter’s Square, where you can purchase meaningful religious items and souvenir dedicated to this auspicious occasion. 

The invitation also stands for those unable to journey to Italy during the Jubilee: our company will persist in providing the complimentary blessing service, ensuring that even those unable to travel can partake in the pilgrimage to the Vatican from afar.

Our wish is that our collections of Catholic items serve as enduring symbols of faith and devotion long after the Jubilee year has concluded.

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