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Catholic jewelry goes beyond esthetics − it is faith, self-expression, and spiritual bliss. Think of it this way: keeping your religious jewels in shape is almost comparable to caring for your faith. Let’s get down to the basics of jewelry care.

What are the reasons why your jewelry can tarnish?

Tarnish is the result of chemical alteration which can be caused by a range of external agents. Long story short, it’s a thin layer of material which causes the metal to lose its original luster. Rather than being automatically synonymous with bad quality, tarnish it normally happens in cases of:

• Contact with liquids, such as water or perfume
• Particular acidic skin pH
• Contact with harmful chemicals

How can you keep your jewelry from tarnishing?

Here’s a short not-to-do list you will want to follow to keep your Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry from getting darker. It will sound obvious, but:

• Avoid showering or swimming (both sea and pool) with your jewelry on
• Remove your jewelry when applying fragrance and hairspray
• Do not wear your jewelry when you’re doing household chores or sports

What’s the best way to clean jewelry?

Even if you follow all the above mentioned rules by the book, you have to clean your jewelry regularly. The more you use a jewel, the more maintenance it will require. That said, you will need a professional cleaning product, warm water, a jewelry polishing cloth for Silver and a soft brush for Gold. Nonetheless, we recommend taking your more delicate jewels featuring pearls and precious stones to a professional jeweler.

You will normally dunk your piece of jewelry in the cleaning solution diluted in water (1 to 4) for a few seconds, then polish it gently. Afterwards, remember to store every piece of jewelry individually in their original jewelry box, as it will avoid scratching, entangling, as well as oxidation.

Finally, no matter the craftsmanship, no jewelry will stand the test of time if you mishandle it. Treat your Savelli Religious jewelry with care and it will last for generations to come.