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Christening gifts for boys and girls

10 Christening gifts for boys and girls

Baptism, or Christening, is the first of the seven Sacraments of Christian initiation. It allows people to embrace the Christian life and receive the Holy Spirit, as it is seen as the sacrament of admission to faith. During the ceremony, holy water is sprinkled or poured on the head by a priest who, at the same time, invokes the Holy Trinity saying:

I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”.

Discover our gifts ideas for Christening. They are going to be a hit!

4 Shining Godparent Gifts for Christening

If you have been chosen to be the Godparents of the little newborn Christian, here are some ideas for Godfather and Godmother gifts that may suit you. 
Combine our rosary beads with this rosary bracelet, both made with 18K gold plated Sterling Silver and smooth beads. The central medal of both articles depicts the Miraculous Medal, on one side, and the Raphael Angel, on the other. This angel, inspired by the famous painter’s masterpieces, symbolizes the innocence of children, strengthened by his thoughtful expression. This religious medal will accompany the newborn Christian throughout his life and will help protect him everytime he is going through difficult times. 
This angel,  that symbolizes the innocence of children,  will accompany the newborn Christian throughout his life steps. 

Your gift will be unforgettable, especially during difficult times.
Perfect as Baptism gifts for boys or girls.

Rosary Necklace and Rosary Bracelet


If you prefer a different color option, this combination of gifts is also available in pure Sterling Silver.
Give your Godchild a unique Baptism gift set that will last for ages.

Rosary necklace and rosary bracelet



2 Customizable Baptism Gift Combos for Family Members

If you are a family member of the newborn Christian, check out these magnificent and lifelong gifts ideas, for baby boys or girls. Made in pure 18K gold or sterling silver, these 2 Baptism gift combos can be a customizable gift for Christening.
Combine the medal with the chain you prefer and ask us to engrave the child name and the Baptism date on it. Contact our team to have your personalized religious medal.


Let the new Christian remember about this once-in-a-lifetime event.
These combos are available in many different materials and sizes for any taste and need.

Baptism medal and box chain




Raphael angel and curb chain

2 Meaningful Friend Gifts for Baptism

If you are going to participate at a Baptism and want to give a memory of this very important  day that will last forever, here are some Christening presents that baby boys and girls will cherish forever and remember once they grow up.

Crib decoration and Baptism gift set



If you still haven’t found the perfect Christening gift, you better know you can find plenty of ideas on our website. Check out the Baptism Gifts collection for more meaningful ideas.


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