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7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

In the Christian religion, the Holy Spirit represents the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, right after God the Father and God the Son. The three of them together represent God Himself, who is the One and Triune God.
According to the Catholic doctrine, the Holy Spirit offers 7 gifts to human beings and all of them are connected to the Grace of God. They cannot lie in a person who is not in a state of grace. Who has Charity and Love, owns the 7 gifts necessary for Salvation.
Let’s discover the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Mosaic Savelli Mosaic Gallery
The Holy Spirit Mosaic, Savelli Mosaic Gallery

1. Wisdom

Wisdom, also known as Sofia, helps us to distinguish the good from the evil and permits us to know and love God. It allows a person to understand things from God’s point of view. Wisdom has God like its origin and end, and it can grow up in us only with His gift. It allows a person to recognize the truth. A person with the gift of Wisdom can use this truth to glorify God by choosing Godly solutions to problems. It is the desire to contemplate the things of God.

 2. Understanding

Understanding helps men to be less superficial and lets them get to things at a deeper level. It helps us to better know ourselves and the other, to face the problems of our lives. Understanding is the gift of depth, of “to be” against “to appear”. It allows us to grasp the very essence of the truths of the Catholic faith. Through Understanding we gain a certitude about our beliefs that moves beyond faith. 

3. Counsel

Counsel, also known as the Gift of Right Judgment, helps men to know God’s project of love He planned for men and indicates to us the right path to follow. It puts us in condition to transmit our experiences of faith and to welcome others’ advice about our daily choices. It is the perfection of the cardinal virtue of prudence, that can be practiced by anyone. Through the Gift of Counsel, we are able to judge how best to act and we need not to stand up for the truths of the Faith, because the Holy Spirit will alway guide us. 

 4. Fortitude

Fortitude is the Gift of Courage, constancy and persistence. Exactly like a coach, the Holy Spirit trains us to face fatigue and difficulties, to resist the attacks of evil and act in a good way to contrast them. This important gift permits us to be humble and recognize our weaknesses, allowing us to ask for help from the Holy Spirit. With this gift, a person is no longer afraid to stand up for God and His truths. 

Holy Spirit Chaplet

Holy Spirit Chaplet

 5. Knowledge

Knowledge, in the Bible, means “to love”. People who love usually understand more and before than people who do not love. Knowledge helps us to love and understand a person and God Himself. In the Bible, the word “knowledge” indicates the capacity of understanding the world and to recognize God as the Creator of it. This gift helps us to admire the greatness of God and to love every single creature of our planet. To know means to love; who loves is able to understand, who loves trusts in God and accepts even what cannot be explained. The Gift of Knowledge allows us to understand the meaning and purpose God has for us and to live up to this meaning.

 6. Piety

Piety is deeply linked to the latin term “pietas”, which represents the familiar love between sons and parents. It helps us believe that God is our Father who loves us, who gives us strength, peace and joy. Piety is what allows men to completely embrace God and fully surrender to His will because, as a Father takes care of his children, He takes care of us with love and thoughtfulness. Piety means the willingness to worship and to serve God out of love, the way we desire to honor our parents.  

7. Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord makes us conscious of His greatness and awesomeness. He is good, strong and powerful and we need to respect Him. Fear of God is esteem for Him, it guides us everyday, it reminds us that we are not the holders of good and evil and we cannot decide what is good and what is bad. People with the Gift of Fear of the Lord understand that everything they are is due to the wonder, love, grace and perfection of God. They are totally dependent on the Lord as a child is to a parent. The only one fear we can have is losing Him and offending Him. If we want to act in His grace, we need to be always respectful.

If your life is full of these gifts or you’re trying to get them all in your life, you may be interested in our religious articles representing the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Bring them always with you with our Holy Spirit religious medal and request your customized engraving on its back, as a gift for a special person. It will remind you about the importance of all the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit Pendant White Dove
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