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All about Holy Week

Holy Week: basic facts to know

The Holy Week is undoubtedly the most sacred period of the Christian calendar during which we commemorate the last days of Jesus Christ. Refresh the fundamentals of the Holy Week in five simple points.

The Holy Week partially overlaps with the last week of the Lent and ultimately leads to Easter. Sometimes we also call it Passiontide — about the Passion of Christ. During Passiontide, some Catholic churches cover sacred images and crucifixes in a veil, recalling Jesus hiding from those trying to lapidate him.

Palm Sunday: the Beginning

Holy Week officially starts on Palm Sunday with Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. The same crown that welcomes him as the King of Israel will proclaim his execution a week later. 

The Arrival of Christ in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Maundy Thursday: the Treason

On Wednesday, Judas Iscariot seals the deal with the chief priests. For his betrayal, he receives 30 pieces of silver. On Maundy Thursday, he leads the officials to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is reunited in prayer with the other 11 Apostles after the Last Supper. A kiss is what it takes to identify the Son of God, who is immediately arrested and judged.

The last day of Jesus on Earth went down in history as the Maundy Thursday. The term “Maundy” refers to the Latin mandatum, which means “command,” and it relates to the last commandment expressed by the Messiah during the Passover meal, which was to “love one another.” Christ also instituted the sacrament of Eucharist at the Last Supper.

The Last Supper. Jean Baptiste de Champaigne.

Good Friday: the Crucifixion

On Thursday, Jesus is arrested and sentenced to death by the people of Jerusalem. The following day, on Good Friday, he is crucified at Calvary. Christ’s death is a sacrifice that redeems the sins of humankind

The Crucifixion. From "The Passion of the Christ" movie.

Easter Sunday: the Resurrection

On Easter Sunday, three days after the crucifixion, Christ resurrects. This day we commemorate the fulfillment of our renewed faith: “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, where the remains of Jesus’ burial site are.

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