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The Good Shepherd story: A lesson preached by Jesus

The Good Shepherd story: A lesson preached by Jesus

The metaphor is probably one of the most used and efficient figures of speech used in religious writings in order to suggest and describe something in a more simple and interesting way. The Good Shepherd metaphor is one of the most known metaphors of Christianism. Learn more about it!

We perfectly know that Good Shepherd is the symbol that Pope Francis has chosen to accompany him through his Papacy, as his Pectoral Cross exemplifies. But do we all remember where it comes from?

We usually connect this well-known figure to the image of Jesus Christ, who guided us through the darkness of ignorance and paganism towards the true faith. In fact, as we all remember, Jesus taught us the fundamentals of God’s religion by telling us stories, the so-called parables. One of them was the parable of the Lost Sheep, whose main religious idea is conveyed by means of three elements: loss, searching, and rejoicing. The lost sheep symbolizes a human that loses the right path, which he is able to find again thanks to the intercession and guidance of the Good Shepherd, who would rather leave 99 obedient sheep of his flock, than leave alone the only one lost sheep.

Let’s read these words of Jesus, reported by John the Apostle:

14 I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and they know me.

15 Just as the Father knows me, I know the Father, and I give up my life for my sheep.

16 I have other sheep that are not in this sheep pen. I must bring them together too when they hear my voice. Then there will be one flock of sheep and one shepherd.

John 10:14-16 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

If you are as attached to this symbol like we are, take a look at our religious articles dedicated to the Good Shepherd. May his guidance always keep you  on the right path.


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