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Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem

The 7 pilgrim churches of Rome: a must-see tour for every tourist

Rome, the City of Churches, is one of the world’s most spiritual destinations that offers plenty of possibilities to those who decides to undertake a religious journey. If you haven’t heard about the Seven Pilgrim Churches pilgrimage tradition then this post is just right for you.

Rome roadmap to principal churches locations

This tradition began with St. Philip Neri, who was the first one to visit in the 16th century all seven churches, which comprise the Four Major Basilicas and the Three Minor Basilicas. The core principle of this tradition is to gain wisdom and knowledge by learning about the heritage of the first Saints, as well as the plenary indulgence by praying in each visited church.

You can catch up on the basics to know about the Four Major Basilicas here, while here we will be talking about the Minor Basilicas.

#1: Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem

Distinctive features: Are you ready to be surprised? Built around 320 A.D., this Basilica contains three fragments from the True Cross brought from the Holy Land by Emperor Constantine's mother, Saint Helena. 

#2: Sanctuary of Divine Love

Distinctive features: Built in 1745 over the ruins of a property once belonged to Savellis (!), it is the youngest church of the seven. A mysterious legend lays at the foundation of this Basilica--a pilgrim was rescued by the divine intervention of the Virgin Mary, who prevented him from being killed by a pack of rabid dogs.

Sanctuary of Divine Love Rome

#3: Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls

Distinctive features: This Basilica was built by Emperor Constantine on the site where Saint Laurence was allegedly martyred. Its simple style makes it unique among the sublime architecture of the other Roman churches.

Unfortunately, the Basilica was damaged by a bombing in 1943, when the original frescoes were lost.

Saint Lawrence Outside the Walls

To sum up -- you know what’s worth visiting the next time you’ll land in the Eternal City. Another mandatory spot to visit is one of our stores. We’ll be delighted to welcome you!

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