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What to gift a priest?

What to gift a priest?

Choosing a gift for a priest may not be as simple as it seems. Whether commemorating an ordination, celebrating an anniversary, or simply expressing gratitude for their spiritual guidance, the act of giving a gift becomes an opportunity to deepen the bond with our spiritual guide, who, lest we forget, has the important role of intermediary between us and Jesus. 
Our priests have chosen to dedicate their entire lives to God and community service, and for that alone they deserve due appreciation.
If you are wondering what is the best gift for a priest, you might start with what moves his entire life: Faith.

Seminarian gifts ideas

Although each priest has his own story, each has at least two events in common with the others: the moment of vocation, and entering the seminary.
Becoming a priest requires years of study and preparation, resulting in the formation of seminarians, at the end of which occurs a seminary graduation.
Whether it is for entry into seminary or at graduation, it’s worth celebrating the moment with a Christian gift that represents the essence of Catholic education: the Bible.
In this case, choosing a refinished edition, perhaps with leather binding, can really make a difference: the Bible will tend to wear less, making it a lasting gift with strong spiritual significance.

New Catholic Bible St Joseph Edition

New Catholic Bible St Joseph Edition

Gifts for priest ordination

The ordination of a priest is a momentous occasion that marks the initiation into a sacred calling and the beginning of a lifelong journey in service to God. Choosing a gift for such an event requires careful consideration and a touch of reverence. 
When a man becomes a priest chooses to embrace celibacy, uniting himself in something greater than carnal love: the love of God.
It is a true and authentic union, which is celebrated with the ultimate symbol of love, the ring.
To express heartfelt congratulations to the newly ordained priest, an 18k gold rosary ring becomes the perfect gift idea for priests ordination.


Rosary Ring

18k Gold Rosary Ring

Priest anniversary gift

Anniversaries are made to celebrate and remind ourselves of those occasions that have changed our lives for the better. For a priest, the anniversary of presbyteral ordination is an important moment, marking one more year in the service of the good and the Catholic Church. And like any self-respecting anniversary, it deserves to be celebrated with a heartfelt gift.
An extremely popular gift for priests ordination anniversary is the specific Papal Blessing Parchment, which can be purchased directly from the Elemosineria Apostolica website and customized with the name of the priest and the year of the anniversary.

Gift for priest leaving parish

When a beloved priest bids farewell to his parish, it comes naturally to express gratitude for his dedication and the impact his work leaves on the hearts of the community. Consider giving a personalized religious item, such as an engraved Catholic medal, a blessed rosary or a beautiful crucifix, that symbolizes the spiritual guidance he provided. 
For the more creative, a gift idea for a priest might be a photo collage capturing cherished moments shared with the parish community. 

St Damian Standing Crucifix

Making a gift to a priest also means recognizing his role in our lives, and committing ourselves to treasure his teachings. In concluding our exploration of thoughtful gift ideas, we find that the most meaningful gestures are rooted in appreciation and gratitude: what better gift, then, than a prayer for him?

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