Type: Micromosaic

Medium: Spun vitreous enamel technique

Unframed size: 7 x 8 cm (2,7 x 3,1 in)

Framed size: 27 x 28 cm (10,6 x 11 in)

Note: It is possible to choose a different frame and mat for your mosaic.

Ancient Roman structures like the Colosseum received the admiration of the Grand Tour travelers looking to complete their classical education. This micromosaic is a perfect example of the kind of souvenir the young noblemen brought home. Boosted by this specific need of the Grand Tourists, the micromosaic technique flourished during the late 18th-19th centuries and survives to this day at only a few mosaic studios in the Vatican area. Contact our expert to request more information about this mosaic.

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