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The statue recalls the famous image painted by Sister Faustina Kowalska after the vision she had on February 22, 1931, in her cell of the Plock convent. The two rays denote Blood and Water, and the look of Christ is similar to the one he had when he was crucified. So the nun describes in her Diary, an important symbol, full of meaning to all the believers. There is no doubt this work is one of the most beautiful in the religious landscape. Entirely handmade and hand-painted, it comes very close to the real figure, famous around the world. A faithful manual processing, carried out from wood with extreme attention to every detail, finished and decorated with natural and chromatic colors.

Statue available in two sizes: 12 / 15 cm (4.7 / 5.9 in)

At your request, we will bring the religious statue to receive the Blessing from Pope Francis. Request it in the shopping cart.

Materials: Wood
Dimension: 15 cm

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