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Statue made with marble dust. The world-famous masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. This great figure of Renaissance, already well known in those years as a famous artist and scholar, received a commission to paint a work for the refectory of the convent of S. Maria delle Grazie, in 1495 circa. Through the Gospel, but also through reconstructions and ancient texts, we know how and in what way took place this final act of Christ's life, which became one of the most famous images, especially for the church. Placed at the center of the table, the figure of Christ dominates the scene. On the left we distinguish the Holy Apostles, Bartholomew, James Minor and Andrew, Peter, John and Judas Iscariot. Right past the towering image of Christ we see James the Greater, Filippo, Tommaso, Matthew, Jude Thaddeus and Simon. The significance of this artistic representation is not only treason, but also the offer of Jesus to mankind through the Eucharist. If required, we will bring the statue to receive the blessing of Pope Francis. Request it for free during the purchase.

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