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By ticking this box, you will get the possibility to engrave your article and dedicate it to yourself or someone special for you. Just add in the text box a name, a date, or both. E.g. Daniel - 03/19/21 - Daniel 03/19/21. The customization of the article may take up to 10 working days.


You can purchase this item even if it is out of stock, through the Pre-Order button. Once we receive your payment, the estimated delivery time will be from 14 to 30 business days. For more information, check here.

Complimentary blessing

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Patronage: Mothers, Grandparents, Pregnancy, Children, Unmarried People, Teachers, Carpenters, Child Care Providers, Childless People, Seamstresses, Lacemakers, Secondhand-clothes Dealers, Equestrians, Stablemen, Miners, Lost things, Moving Homes, Poor, Housewives, Canada, Catholic Diocese, Sri Lanka.
Invoked against: Sterility, Difficult Marriages, Miscarriages.
Feast: 26 July.

St Anne medal depicts the saint with her traditional attributes — a book and a lily, symbols of wisdom and purity —, accompanied by her young daughter Mary. Give this medal to expectant mothers for protection during pregnancy and labor.

At your request, we will bring the Catholic medal to receive the Blessing from Pope Francis. Request it in the shopping cart.

At your request, we will bring your articles to receive the BLESSING FROM POPE FRANCIS

We’ll include a keepsake parchment for each blessed item. Request it in the shopping cart.