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The benefits of prayer

5 meaningful benefits of prayer

All Christians know how good praying is.
It helps us to better face our anxiety, it makes us feel closer to God, it allows us to express our love for Jesus and give Him thanks for His sacrifice for our Salvation. The Lord always listens to our prayers and loves us unconditionally. To pray daily gives us peace in our lives, helps us learn more about God’s plans for us... but that’s not all!
Let’s discover 5 meaningful benefits of daily prayers.

1. Prayer Helps us Develop a Stronger Relationship with God

The Lord is our Heavenly Father. As our father on earth, He really cares about our life, thoughts, spiritual feelings and behavior. The best way we have to communicate with Him is to dedicate part of our day to prayer, to say thanks for His unconditional love for us. Prayer can help us align our will with God’s will and better understand His ways. When we pray to Him, He listens to us. He always helps us fight our daily battles and gives us advice in the form of thoughts or actions of other people. Praying everyday can change our points of view. 

2. Prayer Provides us Answers

Through prayer, we can get answers from God about what to do while going through hard times or struggling with daily battles on earth. After praying, try to stop for a while and think about what are your goals in life. Try to understand the reason why you are here, how to help others, how to be a good Christian and how to return to live with God after earthly life. Prayer can help us find a direction in our life and, of course, to find constant peace.

3. Prayer Gives us Strength to Keep Holding On

It is hard sometimes to keep holding on, when life is too difficult, when temptations are hard to overcome or when we feel heartbroken about tragic events. However, these occurrences do not have to let us lose our faith. They instead have to tempt us to pray even more than before. Prayer is the best thing we can do to keep a daily connection with God, and God, we know, is Love. Through prayer, we ask the Lord to give us strength and to keep us from making wrong choices.

4. Prayer Can Work Miracles

Throughout the Holy Bible, we see many different examples of God working miracles as an answer to prayer. For instance, in the Old Testament, the prophet Daniel was thrown into a lions’ den because he refused to stop praying to the Lord. When he prayed to God in the den, some angels appeared and closed the months of the lions. In the same way, since God always listens to our prayers, we may experience personal miracles such as healing, peace and forgiveness for our sins. Many Christians who need miraculous healing, addressed their prayers to God or to the Patron Saints of Cancer Patients or other illnesses, such as St. Peregrine Laziosi or St. Catherine of Siena.
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5. Prayer Helps us to Become More Like Jesus

Jesus is good, is justice, is love; He’s the perfect example of Christianity and brotherly love. Our aim, as Christians, is to emulate His behavior, to commit charitable acts of love towards others. If we all try to follow His example through prayer, we will become more like Him and develop a better relationship with Him and Heavenly father.

So always remember why prayer is so important and how it can help our lives to get better.

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