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How to do the Stations of the Cross at home

How to do the Stations of the Cross at home in 5 simple steps

Due to Covid-19, many important Masses, public liturgies and events such as the Stations of the Cross, have been canceled.
For this Lent, you have the chance to do your own Via Crucis at home, by following these simple steps.
Let’s meditate on the mysteries of our salvation together with your family and may you be all united in spirit.

1. Gather Catholic Articles

In order to physically represent the Stations of the Cross inside your house, you may use wall-images, holy cards, crucifixes or other religious objects you have, in order to have a focal point to look at.
Do not forget to have your holy rosary at hand. If you do not have it, you can get one for Lent, like the one below.

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Rosary Beads


2. Share the Faith with your Friends and Family

Ask your friends and family members to join your Stations of the Cross at home. Especially if you have kids, they will love to celebrate Lent surrounded by good company. The attendance of your dearest ones will help you feel the real community of the Church. Choose someone of your family as the one who will recite the prayers and have the leader’s role. The designated leader will recite the prayers that the priest would normally say. Pick a time that suits every family member and celebrate together the Stations of the Cross.
You can even organize a video call and do it virtually!

3. Make some food for your guests

As for Lenten Friday Christians observe particular mandatory duties such as avoiding meat, make sure you prepare for your guests a meatless dish, such as a soup.
It can be such an easy way to offer your beloved ones a simple meal and spend more time together with a smile, just after you complete the Via Crucis at home.

4. Pray the Stations of the Cross

If you have a big house with many different rooms, you can place the Stations of the Cross in all the rooms your house disposes.
In order to have a focal point, you can use one of the following articles for your Stations that remind you about the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Ecce Homo Sterling Silver Picture


St Benedict Wooden Standing Crucifix


Set the Last Station in your dining room, so that once you get to it, you can all celebrate together with a good meal.
Once you finish with your prayers, light a candle to close up the celebration. 

5. Eat and Spend time Together

Once you conclude your prayers and you complete the Stations of the cross, enjoy your time with your beloved ones. Sit down to dinner and enjoy the meal you prepared. Be a true community for each other. Turn down the phone and be together.
Do not forget to set the date for the next time!
Text your friends to remind them about the next Friday Stations of the Cross.

Stations of the Cross



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