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How to make your own Advent Calendar

How to make your own Advent Calendar

Christmastime is probably the best time of the year for families. 
It is a magical period that reminds us about the importance of loving our family and friends. During the weekends of December, Christian families usually spend a lot of time together, walking down the street looking for Christmas gifts, visiting relatives, cooking delicacies and much more.
But there’s another activity you can do together with your close family, that is making a unique and homemade Advent Calendar.

Wondering how?
Discover how to make your own Catholic Advent Calendar, step by step.

1. Select a spot for your Advent Calendar

First of all, choose an area of your home where you can settle your homemade Advent Calendar. It should be a nice and warm spot in your house that can accommodate all your family members. It can be both hung on the wall or placed upon a shelf, as you prefer… actually, as your children prefer!   

2. Choose the materials of your Calendar

First thing you need to think about is to provide yourself with all the materials you need.
We would advise you to grab some small boxes or cute socks you do not use anymore that would contain sweets, chocolate truffles or candies for your calendar.
Whatever thing you are going to choose as containers, just be sure they will be 24, since the Advent calendar will cover the period from the 1st of December until the 24th, that is Christmas Eve.
If you have children, just let them choose what they prefer.
A child’s fantasy, we know, is endless!

3. Choose the surprises to put inside the Advent Calendar

Once you have done with the materials you are going to use, choose what to put inside your small boxes or sock. It can be candies, sweets, lollipops or chocolate truffles. Usually kids love sweet things. The idea of eating one of them each day will make them feel impatient about opening a new box everyday.
If you really want to make a Christian Advent Calendar, you can swap sweets and candies with some nice Religious Articles. 
For example:

Here are some ideas for your inspiration.

Gifts for Advent Calendar Holy Water Bottles
Gifts for Advent Calendar Christmas Angel Ornaments
Gifts for Advent Calendar Christmas Nativity Set Figures

4. Choose better candies for the Advent Sundays

Sunday is the day of the Lord, it is a day of rest and Feast.
For this reason, make sure that on Sundays the surprise inside the box is bigger than usual. Instead of a chocolate truffle, you can put a small chocolate tablet, for example. Whatever sweet or candy you are going to choose, just let it be the best of the week for your children.
Do not forget that you can combine the Advent Calendar with another important Christian tradition: the Catholic Advent Wreath.
Discover all you need to know about this amazing Christian tradition and shop our new Advent Wreath.
Catholic Advent Wreath for Christmas

5. Open your boxes day by day and wait until Christmas

The last thing to do is the easiest one!
Wait until Christmas and let your children enjoy their favorite sweets and candies during the days of December.

Do not forget your Christmas gifts underneath the Christmas tree!

Looking for some Catholic Gift ideas?
Discover our Christmas Collection!


Feeling lazy?

If, on the other hand, you feel lazy about make your own one and want to purchase a Catholic Advent Calendar already made, here is the solution for you:
the new Savelli Advent Calendar.


Shop it now and discover what's inside!

How to make your own Advent Calendar


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