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Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary: how to pray it

How to pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary

Our Lady of Piety, Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows or Our Lady of the Seven Dolors. These are the names by which we pray the Virgin Mary in relation to the sorrows in her life. There is a special devotion to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, and we might be interested in learning how to pray the 7 sorrows of Mary Rosary.  

The Virgin Mary, in a unique way, suffered alongside her son, she felt the bitterness of his passion as only a mother could do. This devotion is especially remembered during the Lent season, and in September, which is the month of our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day.

What are the 7 Sorrows of the Virgin Mary

Devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows became a standard devotion in the Church around the 14th century. It was revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) that devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary's Seven Sorrows would bring great signal graces. The devotion consists of praying seven Hail Mary while meditating on the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

The Seven Sorrows should not be confused with the five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary since they make specific reference to sorrowful events in the Virgin Mary’s life. They are:

1. The Prophecy of Simeon in which holy Simeon told the bitter Passion and death of her sweet Jesus (Luke 2:34-35)

2. The Flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-21)

3. The Loss of Jesus for Three Days (Luke 2:41-50)

4. The Carrying of the Cross (John 19:17)

5. The Crucifixion of Jesus (John 19:18-30)

6. Jesus Taken Down from the Cross (John 19:39-40)

7. Jesus Laid in the Tomb (John 19:39-42)

While praying and meditating, we can concentrate on an inspiring image.

Seven Graces for Those Who Meditate on Our Lady Seven Sorrows

Our Lady of 7 Sorrows grants seven graces to the faithful who honor her daily with this devotion.

These are the seven promises to those who meditate on Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows:            

  1. "I will grant peace to their families."

  2. "They will be enlightened about the Divine Mysteries."

  3. "I will console them in their pains and I will accompany them in their work.”

  4. "I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my Divine Son or the sanctification of their souls."

  5. "I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives."

  6. "I will visibly help them at the moment of their death. They will see the face of their Mother.”

  7. "I have obtained this grace from my divine Son, that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and dolors, will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son and I will be their eternal consolation and joy.

If you are really devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows, you can now shop the religious statue dedicated to this Virgin. It is completely handmade in authentic hand-painted resin and it will inspire your daily prayers to the Mother of God, the woman who suffered the most during her life.



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