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Made in Italy

Made in Italy: our daily mission

Renowned worldwide and protected by the Italian law, since the 1980s the "Made in Italy" is synonymous with Excellence. 

Italian craftsmanship implies precise and unique hand-made creation, carried out with love and care, thus associated with honest and patient manual work. Artisanry as a concept has been evoked several times by Pope Francis, sometimes used metaphorically to describe the everyday effort aimed at building a better world. A better future. Furthermore, the Holy Father has on several occasions highlighted the importance of the Italian artisan tradition and manufacturing as a source of workplaces.

Since 1898, Savelli embraces the traditions of our homeland and relies only on the Italian manufacturing. This way, we support the employment of numerous Italian families and maintain our standards of excellence. Purchasing at Savelli not only enables you to enjoy some finest quality jewelry and souvenirs, it also makes thrive this secular local tradition.

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