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The Good Shepherd: Pope Francis Pectoral Cross

The Good Shepherd: Pope Francis Pectoral Cross

When elected as the Catholic Church's Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has taken the name Francis, in reference to Saint Francis of Assisi, known for preaching a humble life in accordance with the Christ's teachings.

The Good Shepherd Cross


This symbolic bond, that connects Pope Francis to his namesake Saint and even more deeply to Jesus, become undeniably true when we follow Holy Father's steps, who has embraced a life of simplicity, humility, and charity.

The pectoral cross chosen by the Pontiff --designed by the Italian artisan Vedele and hand-made by his pupil-- recalls one of the Parables of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. Also known as the Parable of the Lost Sheep, this powerful allegory identifies Jesus Christ with the Good Shepherd searching for the lost ship, that is to say, the lost sinners. In like manner, Pope Francis guides towards the light of faith all those who have lost it, as well as the ones whose conviction got weaker.

We wear this cross as a token of a true commitment to Christ's precepts, with the same devotion that Saint Francis of Assisi had and following our Holy Father's example as well.


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