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Five Finger Prayer by Pope Francis

Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer: How to Pray it

The Five Finger Prayer by Pope Francis is such an easy prayer that the Pontiff wrote when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires. It became very popular soon.
Sometimes it looks hard to focus on praying, but with this method you will find out how easy it is.

five finger prayer

  1. Thumb

Joining hands in prayer, the thumb is the closest finger to ourselves; in this way, we can start praying for our beloved ones, including our close friends and family. Thanks to that, we act our “sweet due”.

  1. Pointer

The following finger is the pointer, the one we use to point out things and that is used in teaching. It is good to remember while praying about the people who teach, educate and heal; they as well need support to point the others the right path to follow. In particular, we refer to professors, teachers, doctors and priests.

  1. Tall Finger

The tall finger, as its name says, is the tallest of our hands and reminds us about all the people that represent a spiritual and political authority. We can pray then for our leaders that need the guide of God to carry out their tasks. In particular, we refer to the President (or King/Queen), the parliamentarians, the businessmen and the managers.

  1. Ring Finger

The ring finger is the weakest one of our hands. For this reason, it reminds us to pray for all the people who are sick, live in poverty or are treated badly.

  1. Little Finger

The smallest finger of the hand is the last one, the little finger. This one reminds us how small we are in comparison to God and exhort us to pray for ourselves. After praying for the previous four groups, it will be much easier to see our needs from the right point of view and pray more efficiently.
We can now pray for our own growth in mind, body and spirit.

A special tool while praying for your loved ones, may be the colorful Pope Francis's rosary beads.

pope francis rosary

This very popular prayer in the Catholic world can be considered such an easy way to teach kids how to pray for others.

Are You a True Fan of Pope Francis?

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