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St. Anthony of Padua miracles

Saint Anthony of Padua: the 5 miracles

Evangelical doctor, the hammer of heretics, patron of the lost things. But, above all, a professor of miracles. Saint Anthony of Padua, for us, represents the devotion and the love for the poor that every real Christian must have. Devotion and love that are demonstrated by his miracles, just five among the many he performed in his life.

1. The Miracle of the Usurer

In the 13th century, usury was a growing business. A business condemned by Saint Anthony. During the funeral of a usurer, he said that the man had no longer a heart. When they opened the rib cage of the dead usurer, the heart was missing. And was found in his money trunk.

2. The Miracle of Ezzelino da Romano

Ezzelino da Romano was a Ghibelline of the eponymous medieval political faction supporting the Holy Roman emperor against the Pope. He captured certain Guelphs (the supporters of the Pope) and threatened to execute them. But Saint Anthony, standing before him, told him to convert. And so he did.

3. The Miracle of the Fish

Anthony went to Rimini to predicate against heresy, but city leaders and people, simply, ignored him. The Saint, walking and reflecting, reached the mouth of Marecchia River. There, he began to speak to the fishes: “You, fish of the river and sea, listen to the Word of God because the heretics do not wish to hear it”.

Thousand of fishes gathered at the surface and listened to the Saint’s words. Such as the people of Rimini, that saw the miracle.

4. The Miracle of the Mule

“Only if my mule kneels down to the Eucharist”: this was the condition imposed by a heretic to believe that a host could really become the body and blood of Christ. And told it to Saint Anthony. The man starved his mule for the next three days.

On the day of the test, Saint Anthony consecrated the host. The hungry mule had two choices: the Eucharist by Saint Anthony or some fodder by the heretic. The mule chose the Eucharist and knelt down to it.

5. The Miracle of Baby Jesus

To rest and recover his strength, Saint Anthony went to a hermitage in Camposampiero. At that time of the year, the hermitage was quite damp. And Saint Anthony was seen admiring an immense walnut tree. Count Tiso, who invited Anthony to the hermitage, built a small house on that tree.

One night, Tiso saw a powerful light coming from Anthony’s house on the tree. The count entered the room. There was Saint Anthony embracing the Baby Jesus.

June 13th is the day of Saint Anthony of Padua. And we can celebrate the patron saint of lost things praying with a blessed rosary or the religious medal dedicated to him.


St Anthony of Padua Medal



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