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How to use Holy Water

How to use Holy Water to protect us and our families

When we enter a church, we dip our fingers in holy water and make the Sign of the Cross. This simple gesture can be repeated in everyday life. So, that’s how to use holy water…

…on yourself and your family

First of all, we can bless ourselves with holy water. And we can do it every day, not only on Sunday. You can keep the font by the front door or near the table were you have lunch and/or dinner with your family.

With holy water, we can protect our family and the persons we love. It’s easy: we can make the Sign of the Cross over our relatives while we’re praying or just before our husbands, wives and children go to sleep. A good habit is to keep a bottle of holy water by the bedside.

…at home

Home is the cocoon that embraces our families. Why don’t make it stronger? We can improve the spiritual protection of home sprinkling holy water in the several rooms. Or a priest can bless your home during a blessing ceremony.

Home is also what surrounds our houses. Such as gardens. In the Middle Ages, people used to sprinkle holy water on flowers, plants and vegetables. It works still today: blessing our gardens with holy water demonstrates that we take care of the world God created for us.

And we mustn’t forget our four-legged friends. As St. Francis of Assisi teaches us, animals are part of God’s will and, consequently, deserve holy protection. We can bless them with holy water and this also applies to livestock and farm animals.

…for protection

Car and motorcycle are the means of transport we use most often. Do you really feel save in/on it? Protect yourself and your beloved ones once again blessing the car and/or the motorcycle, or ask a priest to bless them.

Regardless we work on an office, in a building site or in agriculture (just for example), we can sanctify our daily work sprinkling the workplace with holy water: this will protect us and make us work better.

…for healing

The last way to use holy water is to bless the sick. Blessing sick friends or family with holy water, probably, is a corporeal and spiritual help for them. If we visit the sick in a hospital or nursing home, let’s bless their living space.




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