Why praying for others helps you feel better

Praying is always helpful for anyone: it helps us feel better and closer to the Lord. But even praying for others who we love may help us in other ways. Praying for someone dear means to take care of that person, to be very interested in his/her sake and, of course, to love him/her.
Let’s discover 5 benefits of praying for your loved ones.

Praying for others will make you feel better

1. Praying for others will help them feel good

When someone knows you’ve been praying for him/her, that person will really be happy about your care for him/her. It will boost their happiness and make some physiological changes in their brain. This is because knowing that someone is praying for you will heighten your sense of well-being and will help you feel loved by someone who’s very special in your life.
Especially if going through hard times, knowing that someone is there for us, will keep us feeling better and stronger. 

2. Praying gives us a purpose

Different experiences show that praying for someone enhances an individual’s overall sense of purpose and identity. This is because helping others can make you feel rewarded, fulfilled and empowered. When some of our loved ones are in trouble, we feel like we want to help them. We know that our help can be fundamental for others’ sake, and we want to give the best of us to help them end up with these difficult times. Praying for others will make us feel alive, helpful, with a purpose to reach.  

3. Love and care are contagious

We pray for someone that we really love. Praying for someone is a different kind of “taking care” of someone, but physically but spiritually. Your help to others will let them develop a sense of engagement with you and the willingness to be as helpful as you but with others. The Bulgarian philosopher Peter Deunov used to say “Love generates Love”. In the same way, caring generates caring, creating, then, a community of people who always help others in difficulty.  

4. Praying for others will boost your self-esteem

People who dedicate part of their time to others have been found to have higher self-esteem and overall well being. The benefits of taking care of someone also depend on your consistency. So, the more regularly you pray for someone, the more confidence you’ll gain.
Pray for others and improve your self-esteem. 

5. Praying for others will help you create stronger relationships and friendships

When praying for others you kind of create a stronger relationship with the other person to whom you want to address your prayers. When someone knows you are praying for him/her, that person will surely appreciate your effort and dedication for his/her life. This is one of the demonstrations of your true love and care for your friends and loved ones… and stronger relationships are exactly what we all need everyday in our lives. 

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