3 beautiful prayers to heal a straggling relationship

It is hardly arguable that personal relationships are essential for our life. This is true for a beautiful friendship, as well as for true love. Nonetheless, any emotional bond is complicated and can become a source of immense pain. There are many ways to heal a struggling relationship. Together with other efforts, the act of praying can be downright miraculous.
Let’s learn these 3 beautiful prayers.

We have already talked about how faith can help us during hard times. We pray to obtain graces, forgiveness, or favors. Yet, we use prayer as a form of meditation too, a way to understand ourselves and others much better. Sometimes, the very act of praying can bring about a huge change in our life. When we pray, we become aware of our desires and put them into words. When we pray, we feel stronger enough to face our problems and go about finding a solution for them. This is true for struggling relationships too.
Here are 3 examples of prayer a try.

A Prayer for Understanding

Very often, relationship issues stem from a lack of understanding. Let’s take some minutes every day to pray for that:
To better understand our partner’s needs.
To open our eyes to our beloved, and to the way he/she feels and behaves.
To better understand our own motivations and needs.
To take away the preconceived notions and assumptions that prevent us from truly communicating.
To be closer to each other, and closer to God every day.

A Prayer for Forgiveness

There are a few things that are more difficult than tue forgiveness. But over time, resentment, as well as regret, can wreck even the best relationships. That’s way, it is so important to pray for both forgiveness and the ability to forgive our partner. We pray:
To be forgiven of our sins, especially those we have committed against our loved one.
To be able to forgive our partner.
To let go of grudges and resentments.
To let go of the possibility of revenge.
To be Christlike in our forgiveness.
To have the strength to let go.

A Prayer for Transformation

Sometimes, what we need to heal our relationship is nothing short of a transformation, a deep change. This might mean a new set of daily habits or a different way of communicating and dealing with emotions. However, it can require quite an effort. The act of praying can help us:
Bear the fruits of Spirit, such as love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.
Be strong enough to make these spiritual qualities permanent habits.
Be courageous enough to make changes necessary for a good relationship.
Be aware enough to change in the ways in which we must.

Useful tool: a blessed Rosary is the perfect religious item for our daily prayers.


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