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3 tips for a peaceful Christmas

3 tips for a peaceful Christmas

Christmas is such an amazing time, probably the best one of the year.
It is the time when every family member demonstrates his/her love for his/her parents, sons, daughters, partners, grandfathers, relatives and friends.
Sometimes, it happens that families pass through hard times during this happy period of the year: they can experience some bad events, such as the loss of a loved one or just a sad situation.
Anyway, even when in difficulties, when you can not really find a way to be happy, in spite of everything, there are many ways through which you can spend a peaceful Christmas.
Here are three Savelli’s tips that will help you have a peaceful and nice Christmas.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Get some quiet time for yourself

As the world outside rushes to Christmas gifts and parties, the chaos of the city seems to afflict you and you feel stressed, take a moment for yourself only and enjoy the waiting, typical of Advent season.
It is really important for any of us to spend time with ourselves because it could help us to better focus on our thoughts and feelings, to find a solution to difficult situations and to understand what are our priorities.
For most of us, home is probably the most peaceful and warm place where we can abandon ourselves to our thoughts, trying to get some inspiration.
It is the place where our most loved ones live and our children grow up, where we dedicate our intimate prayers to the Lord: that is why it represents such a safe place for us, especially on Christmas.

The secret of Christmas lies in desiring the birth of Jesus: it is a moment that happens only once a year and for this reason it needs to be celebrated properly.
Enjoy this time to the fullest!

2. Focus on Jesus

The protagonist of Christmas is Jesus, our Savior. Through His birth, the Lord came on earth to save us from evil. For this reason it is extremely important that we focus on Jesus Christ and the unconditional love of God for humanity.
Jesus in life was such an excellent Christian example to follow: he dedicated His whole life to beggars, poor, blind, crippled people, among all. What He did on earth was helping people in extreme needs to overcome their battles, trying to give them a sort of “normal life”. 

Exactly as Jesus did, during these Christmas holidays, fill your heart with charity and spread love by helping others and lifting the spirits of those who find no reason to celebrate. Even together with your family, you can assist a sick person, or participate in a food drive to help those most in need.
Always remember the true spirit of Christmas and Christianity.
It is all about love and helping others!

3. Nourish your spirit

As you prepare yourself and your home to celebrate the birth of Christ, be sure to find out the time to nourish your spiritual life. This will help you experience the full refreshment of God through his Word. It is really important to dedicate a few minutes every day to celebrate the greatness of God and Jesus through prayers.
You can do it, by using a Catholic article, such as rosary or a crucifix, that will inspire your daily prayers.
Here are two of our latest religious articles that may encourage you to pray.

Large wall rosary in resin


This large rosary with clear resin beads is perfect to be hung on the wall.
If you are very devoted to the Holy Virgin and the rosary, you may choose to hang a wall rosary, instead of a Christian cross or crucifix.
For more information about how to pray the rosary, we suggest you read this useful page


This second option, instead, is a classic rosary that you can keep between your hands.
Realized with genuine amethyst beads, bound with a sterling silver connection, it could be such a great source of inspiration for your prayers.

Furthermore, the purple color of the beads recalls the color of Advent and evokes spirituality, penitence, conversion and wisdom.

Use it with faith.


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