First Communion: the 5 most frequently asked questions

The First Communion is a fundamental moment in the life of Christians. In our children’s life. What happens? And what’s the best way the make this Sacrament really memorable? These are the answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1. What is First Communion?

The Eucharist is a rite that recalls the Last Supper, during which Jesus Christ gave his disciples bread and wine. Celebrating a Mass, the priest gives us a host, or sacramental bread, that, once consecrated, become “the body of Christ”.

First Communion is the first time that a child receives the body of Christ.

2. At what age children receive the First Communion?

Children receive the First Communion when they’re 8-9 years old. It’s the final stage of the catechesis: it’s the Christian education of our children. Catechesis lasts about two years and includes the teaching of catechism, which is the Christian doctrine, and of the introduction to Sacraments.

3. What is the First Confession?

The Confession is a sacrament: through a priest, we confess our sins and receive the absolution, alias the forgiveness of God. The First Confession is the first time that a child confesses his/her sins and receives the absolution. First Confession must precede the First Communion.

4. What happens?

Once received the First Communion, our child becomes part of the Catholic community. It is part of a normal Sunday Mass that, usually, is celebrated between late May and early June. And the first communicants receive the Eucharist before the other parishioners.

5. What to give?

The tradition requires giving first communicants a present that, throughout the years, may be a constant memento of the Catholic teachings they received during catechesis. For this reason, the First Communion’s gift must be very, very symbolic and important.

Symbolic and important such as these five thoughtful gift ideas for the First Communion:
  1. The gift set: 
    a traditional Wood & Silver Rosary and a First Communion medal;
    First Communion gift set

  2. Holy Communion Gospel Book: 
    white leather hardcover with a Eucharistic chalice silver plaque;
    First Communion Gospel Book

  3. Miraculous and cross pearls rosary necklace: 
    the pearls symbolize purity and innocence;
    Miraculous Medal and Sideway Cross Necklace for First Communion

  4. First Communion Medal: 
    a classic gift;
    First Communion medal

  5. Saint Benedict golden crucifix pendant: 
    it helps the First Communicant resist evil and sin.

    St Benedict crucifix pendant in Gold for First Communion



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