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How to help your teenager develop faith skills

How to help your teenager develop faith skills

Bringing children and young people closer to faith and the world of prayer is not a very simple thing. Due to their young age, many teens fail to understand how faith can improve and fill their lives. Many are influenced by material pleasures, are attracted by temptation and are induced to sin, but it is never too late for them to discover what the love of God really means.
If you need some advice on how to bring a teenager to the Catholic faith, read the article below and discover some important tips.

1. Get your children used to faith from an early age

All those who are men or women today were once children. Their personalities today were shaped in the past by their parents. Therefore, they would not be the people they are if they had not received a certain education in childhood. For this reason, the role of parents is fundamental: if you want your teenagers to be close to God, get them used from an early age to familiarize themselves with the world of Christians and religion. Read them from the Bible, say prayers with them, get used to talking to you, and try to resolve their doubts about faith and life.
Get them used to saying a Hail Mary in the morning and an Our Father before going to sleep. Help them devote some of their thoughts to the Lord and seek in Him the answers they need.

2. Take your children to mass on Sunday

An important role is played by the priest of your parish community. Getting children used to going to Mass on Sunday could be another idea to bring your children closer to God and the Christian world. Many times, the words of the parish priest are inspiring for our life: they help us to understand the Word of God better, they teach us not to sin, to embrace the plan that God has for us. Getting them used to Sunday mass is certainly a great way to help adolescents not withdraw into themselves, to confront their peers in the religious sphere. Confrontation is extremely important, especially in adolescence.

Help your teenager get closer to faith

3. Be encouraging

If your teenager says, "I read the Bible, but it was very boring!" do not freak out. Do not react in such a bad way. Relax. Your teenager needs to know that he/she can be completely honest and confident with you. He/she has to feel free about telling you the truth about anything, especially about faith. That will encourage them to continue to be honest with you in the future and help them develop a respectful relationship with their parents.
Encourage your children to express their thoughts, their perplexities, their doubts about the faith, and always offer them another point of view: the Christian one.

4. Always be there for them

Adolescence is a very complicated stage in the life of each of us. We all remember how hard it was at times, between the ages of 13 and 19. Those who know they can rely on their family certainly have an advantage. But when this is lacking, what can children cling to if not to faith and the infinite love of God?
It can happen to everyone to make mistakes, to not always be present, even to the best parents in the world. In that case, your children need to know that they can count on faith, because it is unwavering and infallible. The help that faith can give is immense and it is important that children keep this in mind. Teach them, therefore, that if you are not there, they can always rely on the Eternal Father, the Saints and the Virgin Mary. 

Help your children develop faith skills



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