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How to make an altar for prayers at home

How to make an altar for prayers at home

Sometimes we need to recite our prayers in a special place where we can feel protected and where we can express our thoughts and fears with no one around. Many devoted Catholics do not feel so comfortable while reciting prayers at mass or in public, and rather prefer to do it alone at home, in private, with no one listening to their words.
Now you can do it, by building your personal Christian Altar in your home for private devotion, in 6 simple steps.
Discover how to create your own corner for your daily prayers.

1. Find a Quiet and Peaceful Place

Prayers can be recited everywhere, even while walking, but in order to better focus your attention on this religious act, it is better to find a quiet and peaceful place where to do it, so that you can address your prayers to the Saints, or to the Lord, with no distractions. This place, that can even be the mantel over your fireplace, a bookshelf or a windowsill,  must be suitable for holding an altar.
Place the altar in the center of the location you chose and make sure it would be easy for you to access it. If you want, arrange some fresh flowers to let your prayer altar convey you nice and positive feelings.

2. Place a Cross or a Crucifix

Once you’ve chosen the best place for your altar, place a cross or a standing crucifix in the center of it. Both symbols represent the victory of Jesus over death and His suffering and sacrifice for humankind salvation: we always have to keep it in mind.
Do you need any ideas for a Cross or a Crucifix?
What about this magnificent standing crucifix for the table? It is a handmade crucifix in wood with a small mahogany wood pedestal and a golden metal figure representing Jesus Christ.

Standing Crucifix for Altar at Home

Check out the Standing Crucifixes Collection for more ideas. Choose the one you prefer and place it in the center of your home altar.


3. Display Candles on the Altar

Right after the choice of the best Crucifix, place candles on either side of the altar or directly in front of it. Make sure that they are not higher than the cross or crucifix found on the altar.
Just before starting to recite your daily prayers, light your candles to point out the beginning of a special intimate moment between you and the Lord, or whoever Saint you are going to address your prayers to.
Need a candle for your home altar? What about this Catholic Votive Candle representing the Holy Family? It would be a perfect candle for your prayer altar for home. Furthermore, it is entirely made in hand-painted beeswax and it is perfect as a window candle or to recite a Novena, both alone or together with your family.

Beeswax Candle for Altar at Home


Do you wish to see more options?
Take a look at our brand new Candles Collection and warm up the atmosphere.


4. Grab a Religious Statue

If you want to address your prayers to a specific Saint to get protection or to ask for His/Her intercession, grab a Christian statue that represents the Saint. Having in front of you the figure of the Saint you’re addressing your prayers to, may help you to better focus on the Saint’s life and sacrifice, in the name of God.
Check out our Saints Statues Collection and find the Patron Saint you’re thinking about.


5. Choose Photographs

If you want to pray for someone who passed away, choose a photograph of that person, so that you can think about your beloved one while praying. Feel free to choose several pictures of different people that have meaning to you. Photographs allow you to focus on your thoughts and prayers by providing inspiration.

6. Grab the Bible and Recite your Prayers

Once your altar is ready with the crucifix, the candles and the statue, grab the Bible and place it in front of the cross or crucifix. Open it to a relevant passage that you want to reflect on. This is the most important moment of the praying act, because you are reading what prophets wrote 2 thousand years ago. You have now the chance to reflect on their words and recite your prayer to the Lord.
Do you already have one?
If not, what about this blue leather cover Bible with gilded stamping and page edges?
This revised edition of the New American Bible (St Joseph Edition), is translated from the original languages with critical use of all the ancient sources, it has been authorized by the Board of Trustees of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and approved by the Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

New American Bible for Altar at Home


La Sacra Bibbia



Want to see more Bibles? Explore the entire collection!




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