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Novena to St. Mary Undoer of Knots

Novena to St. Mary Undoer of Knots

Have you ever heard about Mary Undoer of Knots?
It is a very famous devotion to the Blessed Mother who unties the knots of our lives. Wondering what we mean with “knots of life”?
They are all the problems we bring in our lives that we do not know how to sort out.
For example, they can be:

  • family quarrels;
  • marriage problems that bring to divorce;
  • alcoholism or drug addiction;
  • resentment towards other people;
  • vanity, and so on.

You can ask the Virgin to help you overcome these everyday problems that you have been carrying with you for a long time.
Wondering how?
Reciting the Novena to Mary Undoer of knots, in view of her feast day, which we remember is August 28th.

Are you devoted to Saint Mary Undoer of Knots?
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St. Mary Undoer of Knots statue in resin


How to pray the Novena to Mary Undoer of Knots

First of all, start the recitation of the Novena with the Sign of the Cross, followed by an act of contrition and repentance. Then pray the first three decades of the rosary and recite the prayer that corresponds to each day. At the end of it, recite the last two decades of the rosary and this following prayer to Mary Undoer of Knots. End the recitation with a final Sign of the Cross and “Amen”. 

Holy Virgin Mary, Mother who has never abandoned a child who cries for help,
Blessed Mother whose hands work tirelessly for her beloved children,
because they are driven by divine love and by the infinite mercy that comes from Your heart. Turn your compassionate gaze to me.
Look at the "knots" of my life.
You know my despair and my pain.
You know how much these knots paralyze me everyday.
Mary, Mother appointed by God to untie the "knots" of the life of your children,
I place the ribbon of my life in your hands.
In your hands there is not a "knot" that is not untied.
Almighty Mother,
with the grace and your power of intercession with your Son Jesus, my Savior,
receive this "knot" today (mention your knot here).
For the glory of God I ask you to untie it and untie it forever.
I completely trust you.
You are the only consoler that God has given me.
You are the fortress of my precarious strengths, the richness of my miseries,
the liberation of all that prevents me from being with Christ.
Please, preserve me. Guide me, protect me and always be my refuge.
Mary, who unties knots, pray for me.

Novena - Day 1

Blessed Mother Mary, Holy Virgin,
who Undoes the "knots" that oppress your children,
extend your merciful hands towards me.
Today I give you this "knot" (name it) and
every negative consequence that it causes in my life.
I give you this "knot" that torments me, makes me unhappy and
prevents me from joining you and your Son Jesus the Savior.
I have recourse to you, Mary who unties the knots,
because I have faith in you and I know that
you have never disdained a sinful son who begs you to help him.
I believe you can untie these knots because you are my Mother.
I know you will because you love me with everlasting love.
Thank you my beloved Mother.
"Mary who unties knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 2

Mary, much loved Mother, full of grace,
my heart turns to you today.
I recognize myself as a sinner and I need you.
I did not take your graces because of my selfishness, my resentment,
my lack of generosity and humility.
Today I turn to you, "Mary who unties the knots"
so that you ask your Son Jesus for purity of heart,
detachment, humility and trust.
I will live this day with these virtues.
I will offer them to you as proof of my love for you.
I put this "knot" (name it) in your hands because
it prevents me from seeing the glory of God.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 3

Mother Mediatrix, Queen of Heaven,
in whose hands are the King's riches,
turn your merciful eyes to me.
I place in your holy hands this "knot" of my life (mention it),
and all the resentment that results from it.
Almighty God, I ask forgiveness for my sins.
Help me to forgive any person who consciously or unconsciously caused this "knot".
Thanks to this decision,
You will be able to dissolve it.
My beloved Mother in front of you, and in the name of your Son Jesus,
my Savior, who was so offended, and who knew how to forgive.
I now forgive these people (name them) and also myself forever.
Mary who undoes the knots, I thank you for undoing the" knot "of rancor and
the" knot "that I present to you today in my heart.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 4

My beloved Holy Mother, who welcomes all those who seek you,
have mercy on me.
I place this "knot" in your hands (mention it).
It prevents me from being happy, from living in peace,
my soul is paralyzed and prevents me from
walking towards my Lord and serving him.
Please, untie this "knot" of my life, oh Blessed Mother.
Ask Jesus for the healing of my paralyzed faith that stumbles on the stones of the way.
Walk with me, my beloved Mother,
so that I may be aware that these stones are actually friends;
you stop murmuring and you learn to give thanks, to smile at all times,
because I have faith in you.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 5

"Mother who unties knots" generous and full of compassion,
I turn to you to put this "knot" in your hands once more (name it).
I ask you for the wisdom of God,
so that I can, in the light of the Holy Spirit, dissolve this heap of difficulties.
No one has ever seen you angry, on the contrary,
your words are so full of sweetness that the Holy Spirit is seen in you.
Make me free from the bitterness, anger and hatred that this "knot" has caused me.
My beloved Mother, give me your sweetness and your wisdom,
teach me to meditate in the silence of my heart and as you did on the day of Pentecost,
intercede with Jesus so that he may receive the Holy Spirit in my life,
the Spirit of God come upon myself.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 6

Queen of mercy, I give you this "knot" of my life (mention it)
and I ask you to give me a heart that knows
how to be patient until you untie this "knot".
Teach me to listen to the Word of your Son, to confess,
to communicate with me, so stay with me Mary.
Prepare my heart to celebrate with the angels the grace you are obtaining for me.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 7

Most pure mother, I turn to you today:
I beg you to untie this "knot" of my life (mention it) and
to free myself from the influence of evil.
God has granted you great power over all demons.
Today I renounce the demons and all the bonds I have had with them.
I proclaim that Jesus is my only Savior and my only Lord.
Or "Mary who unties the knots" crushes the devil's head.
Destroy the traps caused by these "knots" in my life.
Thank you so beloved Mother.
Lord, deliver me with your precious blood.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 8

Holy Virgin, Mother of God, rich in mercy,
have mercy on me, your son and untie the "knots" (name it) of my life.
I need you to visit me, just like you did with Elizabeth.
Bring me Jesus, bring me the Holy Spirit.
Teach me courage, joy, humility and like Elizabeth, make me full of the Holy Spirit.
I want you to be my Mother, my Queen and my friend.
I give you my heart and all that belongs to me:
my home, my family, my external and internal goods.
I belong to you forever.
Put your heart in me so that I can do whatever Jesus tells me to do.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

Novena - Day 9

Most Holy Mother, our advocate,
You who untie the "knots" I come today
to thank you for having untied this "knot" (name it) in my life.
You know the pain it caused me.
Thank you my beloved Mother, I thank you because you have untied the "knots" of my life. Wrap me with your mantle of love, protect me, enlighten me with your peace.
"Mary who undoes the knots" pray for me.

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Mary Undoer of Knots mosaic




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