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The 5 Patron Saints of Mothers and Pregnancy

The 5 Patron Saints of Mothers and Pregnancy

Among all the Christian Saints celebrated by Catholics, some of them are considered the Patron Saints of Women and pregnancy: in particular, the Saints that Catholics pray for safe pregnancy and childbirth are Saint Anne, Saint Gerard Majella, Saint Nicholas, Saint Anthony of Padua and, of course, the Blessed Virgin Mary; they are the five most famous Saints for children’s protection and healthy pregnancies. Praying is a powerful way to pray over your child as well as your own peace of mind. Being praying over your pregnancy can help you to calm your fears and worries and can let the Saints intercede on your baby’s behalf.
Let’s discover more about the 5 Patron Saints we pray for pregnancies and childbirth, a miraculous gift from God.

St Anne

As all Catholics know, St Anne is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She is considered the Patroness of pregnant women, grandmothers and housewives. She is the Saint that mothers pray for a safe pregnancy, a peaceful childbirth, a healthy son/daughter and good milk for breastfeeding.
Do you already have at home your St Anne statue? Shop it now and dedicate your daily prayers to the Mother of the Blessed Virgin, to give your pregnancy and baby the holy protection they need. Tell her how happy you will be when you get the chance to hold your baby in your arms or even be blessed with twins. Ask Saint Anne to have a healthy pregnancy and tell her how happy you could be if you can fulfill your purpose in life by having children, so that you can be a real Catholic family.

St Anne statue in wood

St Gerard Majella

St Gerard is celebrated on October 16 and he is considered the Patron Saint of expectant mothers, children and safe childbirth. This is due to a legend: a woman who was about to die while giving birth, was saved and gave birth to her first-born baby without difficulty, thanks to a handkerchief given to her by the Saint. 
Protect your children with the St Gerard medal, and let this Saint watch over them through their life. Ask the Patron Saint of childbirth to look after your baby and give him/her a healthy brain and body.

St Gerard Majella medal


St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas of Myra, celebrated on December 6, is considered the Patron Saint of children. This is due to a legend: one day, he gifted some sacks full of gold to three poor girls, in order to give them the possibility to get married and avoid prostitution. For this reason, our St Nicholas statue is represented with three golden spheres. Shop it now to have in your house a symbol of the Saint protection over your children. Ask Saint Nicholas to give your baby His guiding hand of protection and to watch over him/her around and within his/her life, to let your baby grow and develop without any problems or complication.

St Nicholas statue in resin


St Anthony of Padua

Among other things, St Anthony of Padua, celebrated on June 13, is considered as well as the Patron Saint of pregnant women and he is deeply linked to the infertility of women, probably for his conexion with the Child Jesus. His Patronate is due to many different miraculous pregnancies he interceded for. Many Catholic sterile couples from all over the world have experienced miraculous pregnancies after asking the Portuguese Saint for a grace. 
If you are trying to get pregnant, you may pray for it to Saint Anthony. Ask him to have a healthy womb, to be blessed with the miracle of a pregnancy, to be fertile like Sarah in the Bible. In your prayers, you can explain to the Saint how for years you have been hoping for a miracle of a baby, how lately you have been feeling hopeless but still have faith and wish that you can become mother. In order to have this Saint always with you and to dedicate to him your prayers along the day, we suggest you the St Anthony medal. If you are experiencing difficulties conceiving due to fertility, this is the perfect article for you.

St Anthony of Padua medal


The Blessed Mother

Last but never ever ever least, the Holy Virgin Mary is considered the supreme Patroness of mothers and safe childbirth. We can count on Her for everything, but especially for pregnancies. As she is the Mother of Jesus, she definitely knows what being a mother means: she knows what is maternal love, what taking care of someone means, she knows all the joys and sorrows of a mother, as she gave birth to the Son of God and attended to His sacrifice for humanity. 
If you want to pray to the Blessed Virgin to let her intercede for your pregnancy, you can shop our Miraculous Medal, depicting Our Lady of Grace, in gold and diamonds. Dedicate to this Saint Mary medal your daily prayers for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

18K Gold Miraculous Medal with diamonds




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