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3 prayers to help a loved one with depression

3 prayers to help a loved one with depression

Many of us have probably had a friend or family member who is going through a period of depression. It is a very common state of mind, so much so that depression is often referred to as the disease of the twentieth century. Depression can last a very limited period but also many years, up to a lifetime. Many times it is extremely difficult to get out of this state of mind and many people refer to experts, such as psychologists and psychiatrists.
Depression is like a dark tunnel, from where it is very difficult to find a way out.

Prayers against depression and sadness

However, in your own small way, you too can do something for your loved ones who are having a hard time.
Wondering how? Through prayer!
Check out these 3 beautiful prayers to comfort your loved ones suffering from depression and recite them with your open heart.

1st prayer to fight depression and sadness

my friend ____ has experienced intense bouts of sadness,
numbness, depression and often feels isolated from his/her friends and family.
Help him/her to know Your love and the love we have for him/her.
That nothing he/she can do can separate him/her from your grace and mercy.
Remind him/her of his/her inheritance of the Kingdom of God and
that you made him/her in your image.
You have a beautiful plan for him/her,
and no matter what his/her thoughts say,
nothing can deter that plan.
Please God, always be by his/her side and show him/her the right path to follow.

2nd prayer to fight depression and anxiety

Dear Jesus,
My friend ____ deals with both depression and anxiety.
He/she often feels like he/she has been placed between the two illnesses.
I ask, that in his/her darkest moments, that you remind him/her of your goodness.
That you will comfort him/her in the midst of his/her pain and
suffering and will not let him/her fall.
Lord, you care for even the sparrow, as St. Matthew says in His Gospel.
How great is your plan for my friend!
Help him/her to trust even when his/her mind betrays him/her.
Please God, always walk by my friend’s side and protect him/her from evil.

3rd prayer against depression 

Heavenly Father,
Please strengthen the heart of my dear friend _____ ,
and remind him/her to take courage when the troubles of life start to overwhelm him/her.
Please guard his/her heart from depression.
Give my friend the strength to rise up each day and
fight against the struggles which seek to weigh him/her down.

Please lead my friend to the right source for help.
Thank you for understanding what he/she is going through,
and thank you that Your Word tells me that
even Your Son Jesus went through hard times emotionally.
There were times that He was distressed, grieved, faced loneliness,
experienced deep sorrow, and after the death of John, He went into isolation.
He cried in prayer, and at times He was overwhelmingly sad.
There was even a time that He was afraid His body would not survive the anguish He felt.

Please Lord,
give my friend the strength to always keep going, despite the difficulties of life.
Give him/her divine protection, everyday of his/her life.




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