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How faith can help us to forgive

How Faith can help us to forgive

Forgiveness is one of the main teachings written in the Holy Bible. Through forgiveness, we are able to re-stabilize relationships with the loved ones who hurt us. Sometimes it is difficult to overlook the wrongs that someone has done to us, but we know well that through faith everything is possible.
Discover how faith can help us to forgive others. Forget about revenge and follow the shiny path of God.

Forgiveness is a declaration of faith

There is a huge difference between saying “I forgive you” and saying “that’s ok”, when somebody apologizes. "Everything is ok" is fine as a response to small offenses and disagreements, but for more serious things you need forgiveness.
So why should forgiveness be a declaration of faith?

Do you remember the life of Jesus?
Do you remember the Lord's plans for His only son?

He sent him to earth to give us eternal life and salvation, through the sacrifice of His son. Despite the betrayal of Judas Iscariot, Jesus forgave him and his tormentors, accepting the will of his Father, almighty God. In this way, if Jesus has forgiven a betrayal that led him to earthly death, we too, in our own small way, can forgive the insults that a loved one can do to us, even without wanting to. Therefore, forgiving is an act of faith, because it connects us directly to the teachings of Jesus.
So always do your best, be merciful like Jesus and forgive those who have let you down or have done something unpleasant towards you. True Catholic faith starts from forgiveness.

Be open to listening and forgiveness

It can happen, during the course of life, to make mistakes, to commit unjust acts, to offend someone. After all we are human and therefore we are not perfect beings.
The important thing is always to realize this, to make an examination of conscience and to recognize where we have gone wrong. Once our faults have been admitted, we will already be halfway there. For this reason, when someone makes mistakes towards you, accept their apology, especially if it is sincere and heartfelt.
Even if we sometimes hurt each other, the important thing is to always realize the love our dearest ones feel for us, even if they sometimes make mistakes and hurt us.
The human being is by nature destined to sin, to make mistakes, but also to redemption and forgiveness.
For this reason, never close the doors of your heart, do not build an impassable wall between you and the person who has offended you, because in his heart lies repentance and the desire to make peace with you.
Always be open to confrontation, forgiveness and compassion.

Pray for those who have hurt us

Very often when our loved ones make mistakes they don't even realize it. However, you can help them through prayer, so that they can become aware of the mistakes they have made, of the challenges inflicted, and of the weight of their words. Praying for someone is one of the greatest and most powerful acts of love.
Pray for those who make mistakes, so that they can find the right way and walk the luminous path of the Lord.
For your prayers, you can use one of our rosaries, including this wonderful rosary with genuine blue agate beads, the color of forgiveness and harmony.

Prayers to forgive


A prayer to forgive those who hurt us

God of all mercy, I have come again before You on behalf of my trial. There is a person who continually hurts me, Lord, and I need Your help. Many times You tell Your children not to return evil for evil, but this is where my heart keeps taking my mind. I know that You want me to bless this person, even if they continue to hurt me. I am not You Lord, and I don’t have what I need inside me to do this. You promise that with You, nothing is impossible. My Savior, please create in me the measure of faith needed to believe that through You, I can walk away from this damaging relationship with my testimony intact. Help me to forgive, even if they do not ask for forgiveness. Lastly, please heal me so that I will not harbor resentfulness. I trust that all things are possible with you, Jesus! Amen.

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