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How to be powerfully present for your family

How to be powerfully present for your family

Our family is the most beautiful place in the world, a place where most of us can feel safe and sound. From a Christian point of view, the Holy Family is the pillar of our society and it is very important to honor it every time it is possible. Do you remember the 10 commandments? One of them says “Honor your father and mother”, to remind us how important parents are in our everyday life. Sometimes it may happen that we forget about this very important commandment. We may fail on something, we may behave badly with our parents, but it is extremely important to always show respect and honor them when possible. Beside being graceful and respectful, we can do more: we can be powerfully present for our family. Discover a few tips to know how!

1. May I, Thank You, Pardon Me

These three short sentences had been considered very powerful within our family and loved ones by Pope Francis. According to him, by pronouncing them, we show closeness to our loved ones, but not only: they are a demonstration of our respect, forgiveness and gratitude, which are three very important Christian values. Sharing gratitude will impressionally improve the relationship with your family.

2. Share your ideas and thoughts with your family

Sharing is the basis of any human relationship. Your family is the one you will spend most of your time with, outside of work and friends. For this reason, it is very important to cultivate your relationship day by day: enrich it by sharing your daily experiences, your thoughts, your doubts and, if you need some advice, ask without any fear. Your family is always there to help and support you, as are you. There is no one in the world who knows you better than your family. Likewise, you know your family members better than anyone else. Always be there when they need you, when they ask you for your opinion, when they are happy and when they feel heartbroken. Especially in the most difficult and complicated times, it is always nice for someone to know they can count on you.

3. Share some of your spare time with your family

Many of us are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful and lasting friendships. It is normal to want to share some free time with them. But never forget your roots! Never leave your family behind, don't take it for granted. Sharing some of your free time with your family will help you build your relationship, build trust and create memories together. Furthermore, we know, no one is eternal except God. The pitfalls of life are many, and we may regret the free time we did not spend with our family. For this reason, it is very important to use the time we have available on this earth to surround ourselves with those who love us, those who brought us into the world, who taught us to walk, talk, read, write and many other things

4. Always be the first one to help

If life gets tough, that's when your family needs you the most. Many parents and children, out of shame or modesty, never ask for help, never ask for support for fear of disturbing. Do not worry: it is okay not to be okay. The family is the basis of our society, it is the pillar of Christian life, it is what Christianity is founded on. Therefore, family members are the first people we turn to for any need, because we know they will always be there for us. If you notice bizarre behavior or something is wrong, don't wait for a family member to ask you for help. You propose yourself! Always be the first one to help! Show yourself open to help, available to listen but be careful to respect the times of others. Many times, to be present for those who need it is quite easy: just listen, give a hug or a smile. Show comprehension and always be gentle. You will soon realize how much your relationship will be built on trust, respect and listening.

For any doubt… Take the Holy Family as a model

The Holy Family is the pillar of Christianity. There is no better example you can be inspired by. The Holy Family is the representation of all the Christian virtues to which you can aspire. Values ​​such as love, brotherhood, respect, sharing, listening, benevolence, kindness, humility and charity are of fundamental importance for a strong relationship with your family. For this reason, in case you lose control or have doubts, always refer to the Holy Family: to Saint Joseph, if you are a father, to the Virgin Mary, if you are a mother, or to Jesus, if you are a son or a daughter.
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