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St. Helena patron saint of divorce

A prayer to prevent divorce to St. Helena

Divorce is part of everyday life, and unfortunately many Christians find themselves experiencing it. There are some marriages that don't seem to work, that end when love fades. Many people happen to have conflicting feelings, to see the strong love that tied us so much to a person fade over time, only a few years ago, and they cannot understand why. It happens to break up, to get lost, to see the passion fade, the impotent, however, is to do it in the most correct way possible, respecting our partner and our children, if we have any. From a Christian point of view, divorce is considered a failure, since the spouses, when they marry, promise each other eternal love, "until death do us part."
Wondering if there is anything you can do, in your own small way, to try and avoid a divorce? Of course there is!
Surely the most important thing to do is to always respect your partner, try to cultivate love for each other day after day, dedicate the right time to family life and talk. Always talk.
But there is another thing you can do!
Devote a daily prayer to Saint Helena, the saint invoked to prevent divorce.
Find out below who Saint Helena was and say the beautiful prayer you find at the bottom.

Who was Saint Helena?

Born in Rome around 250 AD and celebrated every year on August 18, Saint Helena is the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, who in 313 AD, with his famous edict, spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. She immediately showed the most excellent gifts of wisdom and goodness of mind. Her delicacy and modesty attracted the attention of the young officer Constance Chlore, who wanted her in marriage and took her with him to Dardania, where he was born and owned some lands. Some scholars argue instead that she was born in Drepanum, in today's Turkey; the city ​​later renamed Helenopolis ("city of Helen") in her honor, by her future son, Constantine the Great.

St. Helena of CostantinopleRepresentation of St. Helena of Constantinople 

Saint Helena, Patroness of…

St. Helena is famous not only for being the mother of Constantine the Great, but also for being the one who found the cross on which Jesus was crucified on Golgotha. For this reason, she is considered the patron saint of Archaeologists and she is usually represented with a cross on her side. She came from a pagan family and precisely because of her conversion to Christianity, she was then considered the patron saint of converts. But that is not all!
Her personal and family history further conditioned her patronage. Since she had numerous problems within her marriage with Constance Chlore who wanted her as his wife so much, she is now considered the patron saint of difficult marriages and divorces. For this reason, today, many Christians who are divorced, separated or who are going through a delicate moment within their marriage, address their prayers to Saint Helena.

St. Helena and the divorce

In 293, Constance Chlore had to leave Helena at the behest of Diocletian and marry the stepdaughter of the emperor Maximian, Theodora, with the aim of cementing, through a dynastic marriage, the elevation of Constantius to Caesar of Maximian within the tetrarchy.
Following this "forced divorce", Elena did not remarry, and lived far from the imperial courts, although she was close to Constantine, her son, who had a special affection for her.
For this reason, Saint Helena is considered a woman who can understand Christians who experience the end of a love or a relationship, and Catholics who have a difficult marriage have always addressed their prayers to her.

Prayer for divorce to St. Helena

If you too are experiencing a moment of crisis in your marriage, are about to divorce or are already divorced, you can recite this beautiful prayer and ask for the saint's intercession with God.

O holy and blessed Saint Helena, beloved mother of Constantine the Great,
you know well what it’s like to be a divorcee
Like many of us, you felt the pain of betrayal and rejection of your loved ones.
You experienced sadness over your marriage ending,
anxiety for your children’s welfare and stability,
and hurt that another woman replaced you.
You know what it’s like to rebuild your life alone and to co-parent children.
Please, pray for (name of the person you’re praying for) and all who are divorced or are going through divorce and the end of love.
Pray, dear Saint Helena, that they can let go of all resentment, anger, guilt
and fear and trust in the Lord as you did in life.
Let them find peace for their weary hearts, minds, spirits and souls.
Pray also that they can forgive and have the grace, courage and strength to move forward with their lives in ways that are healthy, positive and life giving again.
Thank you, Saint Helena, for your prayers and intercession for (name of the person)
and struggling with divorce and its negative effects.
I truly believe that you are with them, praying for them,
and asking God’s choicest blessings upon them.
Please, Saint Helena, never let them go.

If you know someone in this condition and want to do something more than a simple prayer, you can give them the Saint Helena medal and request the personalization of its back. You will see the energy it will give him/her!

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